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Let’s Explore Freelance Registration

Dubbed as the simplest form of doing business, the Gig Economy continues to strive as the fastest growing market with Philippines bagging the highest growth in Asia according to reports. With the increasing number of freelancing platforms and the introduction of hybrid workplace set up, we can expect this trend to go on for the years to come.

If you are excited and ready to take the dive in, here’s a quick glance at Permitly’s Journey Map for Freelance Registration.

Get the following basic requirements prepared.

  1. Valid Government Issued ID – This should show your full name, birthdate and picture. Have photocopies ready.

  2. Copy of your birth certificate – In case you are asked for verification.

  3. Business Address – Gone are the days that entrepreneurs can use their home address in the business permit application. Though some cities may still allow it for freelance registration, you may want to check with your city’s BPLO to avoid your application being disapproved. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to own a business address in one of Metro Manila’s Central Business Districts. A virtual office address may come in handy.

Now, you are finally equipped to legally start your business!

Do you think you need further help? Call Permitly and let us worry about the permit processing for you so you can focus on things that matters more to your business.

As Featured In: Permitly Headliners / Janice Balaoing

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